Green Pastures Counselling

Why counselling?

Everybody, at some time, needs someone that they can talk to.

Someone who will not judge, will not give advice and will really listen.

Someone who can help to make sense of your struggles and maybe help you find strategies to cope.

Green Pastures Counselling was set up for that very purpose. It provides a safe place where you can express your feelings or look for a better way of being.

Our counsellors provide a caring, confidential and professional service, integrating Christian principles.

We believe that healing can be emotional, physical, psychological or spiritual – or a combination. We believe that peace is obtainable even in tough circumstances.

Who is counselling for?

Green Pastures Counselling provides a range of services for individuals, couples and families.

We see a wide range of people who want to address a variety of life concerns, these include stress, parenting, life changes, grief and loss, anxiety and difficult relationships.

Where are Green Pastures Counselling located?

Green Pastures is located in Perth, Western Australia.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

[Credit: Banner photograph by Clark Edmeades Photography.]